Web Designer in Lichfield

Developer who designs or Designer who develops?

I started out as a pure front-end devloper, but over time took on an increasing amount of design work, my current position has me designing slightly more than developing, probably a 60/40 split, but I still consider myself to be a developer who designs.

What do I design

Pretty much anything you would see on a website, from the smallest of buttons or promotional banners to the entire website itself. For website layouts that will start with sketches and wireframes to illustrate how pages re-flow due to responsive breakpoints, which then leads onto a full-size mock up produced in Photoshop which can then be cut-up in order to build the layout. I also do design work on third party sites where any new design work needs to blend in with the current style. Pretty much the only things that I don't design are complex animations, games and illustrative artwork such as cartoon style.

UX and UI design

There's no point in having the best looking website in the world if it's difficult to use and doesn't convert visits into sales or enquiries.

User Experience (UX) design focusess on how people interact and engage with your website and aims to make the process whether it's buying a new car or booking a hair appointment as simple and easy as possible.

By focussing my design approach on the User Experience (UX) as the primary concern I aim to create simple and easy to use designs free from distractions and clutter - if an element doesn't add any value to a page, why should it be incluided in the design.


I've been designing website graphics since 2007 and in that time I estimate that I've designed and redesigned in excess of 100 websites. That's not to include miscellanoeus banner images, Facebook covers and profiles, Ebay stores and the occasional logo design.