Results Deck App

After nearly 12 months of development I have finally published my first app to the Google Play store.

Results Deck is an app for Android devices that makes it easy to record, publish and share the results from your sporting events.

I first got the idea after working with the organisers of local downhill mountain biking events and seeing how long it took them to get the results formatted correctly and into a state where they could be published on the web. The people who entered the events were extremely keen to see how they had fared on the day, but it sometimes took several days to sort and format the results in the correct fashion.

This app aims to solve many of the problems that they faced, by using a Firebase backend together with the Angular Framework I was able to stream the result in almost real time to the app, meaning competitors could get their results seconds after they crossed the line and the organisers would no longer need to spend hours entering the results into spreadsheets and painstakingly converting them into HTML for sharing on their website.

Small events often run on tight budgets and having a free app such as this means they can provide the same level of service that a lot of the bigger organisers do without the expense of hiring a professional timing company.

The app works in tandem with the website and new events are automatically pushed to it every few minutes, so that anybody with a connection can view the results and share them via social media.

Download Results Deck for Android.

By Karl Payne


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