Multidimensional Array Search Using Xpath Wildcards in PHP

As part of some ongoing improvements to my Validation Class I had need to be able to validate posted data from dynamically generated forms.

It's still a little rough around the edges and doesn't fully replicate the Xpath syntax, but it gives just enough functionality to be able to easily search a large multidimensional array. 


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Version: 1.2 (05/12/2012)
File Size: 13kb
Contains: KP-Array-Xpath class and example.

How it works

Lets say we have a form for adding car manufacturers that allows us to add multiple manufacturers and multiple models in one go, which posts the following data...

$testData = array(
	'manufacturer' => array(
		'1' => array(
			'name' => 'Ford',
			'models' => array(
				'1' => array(
					'model-name' => 'Fiesta',
					'model-type' => 'Car',
				'2' => array(
					'model-name' => 'Transit',
					'model-type' => 'Van',
		'2' => array(
			'name' => 'Volkswagen',
			'models' => array(
				'1' => array(
					'model-name' => 'Golf',
					'model-type' => 'Car',

Now, lets say we need to validate the model-types to make sure they don't contain any silly characters etc. 

We instantiate a new arrXpath object and pass it our data, it will then process that array and produce an array of all the key paths found in the data.

// instantiate a new class and pass it our data
$fact = new arrayXpathFactory();
$inst = $fact->createInstance($testData);
// this will build the array key paths for the whole data structure
    [0] => manufacturer
    [1] => manufacturer/1
    [2] => manufacturer/1/name
    [3] => manufacturer/1/models
    [4] => manufacturer/1/models/1
    [5] => manufacturer/1/models/1/model-name
    [6] => manufacturer/1/models/1/model-type
    [7] => manufacturer/1/models/2
    [8] => manufacturer/1/models/2/model-name
    [9] => manufacturer/1/models/2/model-type
    [10] => manufacturer/2
    [11] => manufacturer/2/name
    [12] => manufacturer/2/models
    [13] => manufacturer/2/models/1
    [14] => manufacturer/2/models/1/model-name
    [15] => manufacturer/2/models/1/model-type

 Now we can filter that data using our xpath like syntax and pull out just the data we need.

// now filter using a wildcard
$arrFiltered = $inst->filter('manufacturer/*/models/*/model-type');
// gives us...
    [manufacturer/1/models/1/model-type] => Car
    [manufacturer/1/models/2/model-type] => Van
    [manufacturer/2/models/1/model-type] => Car

That's pretty much alll there is to it.

There's also a fully working version of the above example in the download.

Version History

VersionRelease DateComments
v1.1 05/12/2012 Created this readme.txt!
Changed to use a factory class so it works better with dependency injection.
Changed name of class from arrXpath to arrayXpath.
Updated demo accordingly.
v1.0 04/12/2012 Initial release.


The boring bit, GPL v3 basically, click the logo for more info.

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By Karl Payne


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