Website Designer & Developer in Lichfield

Hi, I'm Karl and I'm a web developer from Lichfield, UK.
I'm passionate about building fantastic websites, this is what I do...

Web Design

Complicated and fussy designs are not what I do. You can keep your clich├ęd stock photography, Twitter feeds and animated banners. I like to design websites that are free from unnecessary distractions, with easy to read content, clearly defined goals and stunning imagery.

Web Development

By embracing the latest web developement tools and techniques, I build websites that have solid foundations with an attention to detail that can only be gained from years of experience. Meaning the websites I develop will perform well across a wide range of devices and won't become obsolete in a hurry.

My Experience

I've been building websites for over a decade, programming for 8 years and designing for 5 years. While I can't claim to know the in's and out's of every content management system, framework or programming language, I have seen enough of them to. I've built and designed and re-designed literally 100's of websites, used countless different content management systems and wrote millions of lines of code.

My Approach

If your not constantly breaking new ground in the web industry you will pretty soon get left behind. This is why I spend countelss hours of my own time seeking out new technologies and learning development techniques in order to develop the best websites I can as efficiently as possible. While it's important and exciting to try out these new techniques it has to be done as part of a pragmatic approach, too often technologies are used before they are widely tested and supported and without regard for future support.